SS rope mesh Installation for school

Baina s/s netting company has own team of installation. With the development of the need of our netting business,Baina mesh has trained a group of professional high-quality install staff.

Here is the install process in The fourth middle school in Beijing.
1.The Initial Setup:
steel cable
Stainless steel cable netting

2.Put the rope mesh on the scaffold appropriately.

Fasten the netting with the bulge of the scaffold, Then the scaffold will hold the mesh simply.
There we can take next move to further fix the stainless steel cable netting.

3.Fasten one end of the steel cable on the scaffold ,hold the other end of the steel cable and go through the mesh hole.

4.When finished all the mesh hole,fasten the end of steel cable on the other side of the scaffold.

5.The bottom and the middle of the stainless steel cable netting will fasten on the scaffold accordingly.


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