The material of stainless steel netting
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The material of stainless steel rope mesh  is a big thing that customer care about.In the process of purchasing,we will ask the customer, what kind of stainless steel material you want.Customers are usually know little thing about it.Some manufacturers also know little about this problem,so in the process of production,it lead to unnecessary losses, also lost customer resources.Today, I will introduce the difference of the material.Hope it can benefit some people.
1. The introduction of the stainless steel material
The American institute of steel mark  all kinds of standard  stainless steel with three figures.for example:
1) stainless steel austenite size designation mark with 200 and 300 series.For example, a common austenitic stainless steel is 201, 304, 316 and 201.
(2) the ferrite and martensite stainless steel mark with 400 series.

(3) ferritic stainless steel mark with 430 and 446 , martensitic stainless steel mark with 410, 420 and 440 c for tags, bipolar (austenitic -Ferrite)
(4) precipitation hardening stainless steel and stainless steel which iron content less than 50% of the high alloy is usually named after of the patent or trademark name.
2, the use of the environment
In dry environment, 304 stainless steel rope is quite good .However, in the country and city we must clean them regularlly to maintain its appearance. In atrocious environment,the metal can go rust, we have to adopt it with 316 stainless steel rope.So, 304 stainless steel is widely used in curtain wall, lateral wall, roof and other construction purposes.
In harsh environment, we have to use 316 stainless steel rope.

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