Stainless Steel Safety Net For Kids
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Birds have wings, kids don't have.
Each year, at least 50 children fall from windows or balconies in each country. For most, the outcome is serious - for some, especially the young children, it can be fatal.
Stainless Steel Safety Nets For Kinds is designed to help change these sad statistics
by offering solutions to protect windows, balconies, stairs and open spaces.

If you are
A parent or carer of young children;
Living in a house or unit with openings situated 2m+ above ground level;
And you enjoy having your windows and/or balcony open.

Then don't waste anymore time. Contact us today for a tailored quote.
Our products can child proof almost every window, balcony, stairs or open spaces.
Enjoy some fresh air while keeping your home safe for babies and toddlers.

 We are based in Baoding,Hebei, China, with the facilities to dispatch our products worldwide.

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